Changing its pressure to force

When looking at the soccer game , you may think ” why he is not struck shot in the frame “ .images

Such as Messi and Neymar , top-notch players will hit a shot in the frame .

They’re the play as practice even in goal area .

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When looking at baseball , you may think ” why he does not throw a strike .”

However , because I have the experience that was not thrown to strike , I will know better feeling of the pitcher .

Pressure . Impatience . I felt the other party to the amazing batter.

If so , it is utterly impossible to throw as practice.


However , I was also the opposite experience .

I can throw a good ball to more practice . I know whether the batter is supposed to do . It’s too much fun.

Messi and Neymar is , they will continue to play in such a mood a lot of time .

Even in individual sports such as swimming and athletics , put out a self- best player in the big stage , will to exert the usual excessive force under pressure .

Under pressure , he will exert a force of more than practice . This is the condition of good players .
In other words , will the good players are practicing ” to be able to exert a force under pressure ” .

Also , a lot of players have that kind of charm .

” Morning curry ” of Mr.Ichiro . ” To enter the link from the left foot ” of Ms.Mao Asada.

Both are non- scientific , but it’s good if they can exert a force .ダウンロード (2)

His this pose does not have an influence on the batting .However , he will can exert force by this pose .

Even in sports , even at work , it is good to find my own of the “How to change to force the pressure ” .

I am grateful that you read this blog until the last .