If you had the money , it is likely to be happy .

I will be in soon 2 years become a member of society .
Debt to the parent of a student I was paid off . Investment Trust · REIT that invested my bonus is now in its own way of forehead .

People those greedy , I believe better if there is money . Who do not want to get rich will not almost .

However , money which can not be used should not be necessary.

Today I will think about ” happiness and money ” .

My interpretation is
Happiness is born with that is believed from things and people that believe in people . Money is a means to indicate the credit ” .

I think if happiness is born only by believing in people .

Believe in the family , believed from the family .
Believe friends , believed from friends .
Believe a fellow of work , believed from fellow .
Believe the suppliers , believed from customers .

Money is a means to show the ” credit ” .

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Parent will use the huge money to children because they believe in children .
President will pay a salary to new employees to useless because they believe the employees .
People will buy a refrigerator or washing machine because they believe the consumer electronics manufacturer .
People will rent it or buy a house because they believe the housing manufacturers .

If living in a primitive way , it might all be somehow on my own .But , I think as it is not happy .

To get the money by having them believe from someone .
And to ease their lives by paying the money to the person for whom you believe .

We live in the stack .

Even if there is no money , we will have a chance to be happy to live and believe in others .
Even if there is money , we are also likely to be unhappy and not believe the others .

However , there is no thing that money was better to have a lot .

● is not a poor shame , it is something terribly inconvenient
– Sydney Smith ( military )

● money ‘s power . And if you have more money , because given that much many choices – Robert Kiyosaki ( investors )

Without being swayed by money , and I want to live to believe the important people .
To do this , I want to earn a decent money necessary to family life .

I am grateful that you read this blog until the last .