When you give up, that’s when the game is over???


This image is one of the famous scene of Slam Dunk is a basket cartoon of Japan .

The day before yesterday , there was a Japan of Certified Public Accountants essay test of the announcement .
Same with me , a friend who had a study from 2009 has passed brilliantly .

Even if it takes many times , this is the same if pass .
When you give up, that’s when the game is over.
That you do not give up is the important .


It is easy to would say so .
However , the fight that was bet the friend of life . . . It is not simple.

By continuing to fight to not give up , they have lost a lot of things.Golden ticket that new university graduates . And if working without study and obtained money , relationships , skills .

Whether you win if you keep I fight ? Whether there is worth fighting for by far ?
They repeatedly ask myself . There was a lot of pressure and suffering .

In fact , many of the people who started the study at the same time give up in the middle .
It is a difficult decision to give up after it was over the high money and a lot of time . It is also the courage to give up .

Not only in life , even in corporate management , there are a lot of failure due to the fact that you do not give up .

Not giving in , giving up   Not giving in , giving up
and not running away   keep on believing in myself
baby , when you don’t feel like trying to climb
that’s the most precious thing you can do

There is also a famous song such as above . However , you might if it is too hard work become depression . When the body is broken , all is wasted .

After all , some people gave up , even people that did not give up , I think that great to be challenged.

Is amazing also be finish the full marathon .. However , it is also , also it is amazing to abstain middle when physical condition is bad .
In any case , is the great things that were challenged .

Unlike the full marathon , in life there are various courses . There is no goal .
That we continue the challenge for us .It would be way to enjoy the life .

I am grateful that you read this blog until the last .