There is no failure if not try

In this book, the writer would want to convey that “Failure does not exist in that you try  .”

People can not be easily changed in or scared or shy failure .
However , everything is no fun if there is no change .

Also at work that had been longing , even with the opposite sex that has been longing , we will over time rut . If there is no change , I will get tired .

In order to break the rut , to cause the change .
If there is no good results , you may be can try another thing . Failure does not exist in that you try .

To say in this book , that tips a try has been lying around everywhere .

Always , if you have considered ” trying to better ” in the open mind , all of the things will change in the hint .
By doing so , to hear honestly the people of advice , it might be going to grow .

In order to enjoy the work and relationships , to try anything .

The people who are feeling the rut and tired , please consider reading this book by all means .

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I am grateful to read this blog until the end .