The reason for the Japanese to poor English

If you try to translate Japanese to English , you will notice that there is a Japanese that can not be translated into English .

For example , foreign car .

Foreign cars in Japanese refers to the car that has been manufactured in such as the United States and Germany .
However , to say that foreign cars in English , I do not know where made of the car .

The other ,  Asia .

Speaking of Asia in Japanese , countries such as Thailand , Indonesia, India is associative .
However , speaking of Asia in English , mainly it would be China . Of course, Japan is also included .

Words that Japanese are using usually just things that can not be translated into English as it is .Self-introduction must also be reviewed .

It is very hard to is to translate into English from Japanese . So , Japanese people are in poor English .

Future ,  I ‘d want to increase the knowledge of English words .
However , when I to the communication I rely on Google Translate .

Google ,Keep it up.
I am grateful that you read this blog until the last .